Director of Engineering - Backend

8 - 10 years

Job Description

Backend Development

About Company

Headout is home to the world's most exceptional real-life experiences - from tours to museums to events to activities and everything in between. In a world littered with digital screens and a 'busy' lifestyle, there is a desperate need for a solution that augments our human experience by getting us to interact with the real world around us and the people in it. Headout's mission, as a counter to this problem, is to be the easiest, fastest and the most delightful way for all of us to, as the name suggests, head out to our next real-life experience. We do this by running a managed marketplace where we actively curate our supply, standardise it and upgrade it to provide a reliable and a superior service in a fragmented industry. We've served 18 million guests, have grown 5x in 2022, are well capitalised, have product-market-fit, are solving an important problem of our times and have built an impact oriented mission-first team. If what we do, why we do it and how we do it resonates with you.

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