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OneShot is an intelligent campaign to reach out to ideal employees without much effort

Based on 2K reviews
The one-shot process was quick. I got an e-mail from the Getmereferred team suggesting a personalized template for my converted message. The campaign started that same week, and I got a copy of my campaign. After a week, they shared with me a dashboard of the campaign result. I got 6 referrals without much hassle.
Associate Consultant at Virtusa
I had a very short time. I was looking for an opportunity, and I came across Oneshot. I requested a campaign. Employees messaged me about their willingness to refer to their organization, and they also went ahead and shared the company's job portal to pick the job. I was referred to their organization by both mid-category and senior members. I got placed in one of the organizations. It was a very helpful and time-saving feature.
Consultant at Capgemini
I would like to thank the getmereferred team for taking their time out to consult and help me understand getmereferred in great detail. I really like their service from the start of the campaign till the campaign's end.
Dinesh kumar
Development Engineer 2 at Comcast Corporation
A good platform to connect with candidates. It took less time for me to connect with the ideal candidate than on LinkedIn.
Cloud Engineer at Amazon
I practised on Codechef. I was preparing for the interview. I lacked a bit of confidence to face the interview. Despite my thorough preparation, I felt as if I had missed something. My friend suggested the Getmereferred platform. I applied for a similar role, and when the referrer accepted my request, he guided me through the entire process. With good confidence, I attended the interview and cleared it. Thank you to the Getmereferred team for introducing me to this wonderful referrer.
Software Engineer at Zoho
I have a strong working experience with my project. It was time-consuming for me to individually request job referrals, and I was tired of applying on job portals. I got to know of Getmerefered. The flow of the process was neat and efficient. After a few back-and-forth conversations, I received a quick reply from the employee, who recognized my potential and referred me to his organization. My interview process started within a week. I would strongly advise my friends to use Getmerefered. In my experience, it's quite a new way of getting hired.
Research and Development Engineer at Zebronics
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Getmereferred is an intent-based networking platform used for guidance, referral, and hiring. 

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You can turn off the eye, which will prevent the candidate from seeing your job posting.

These karma points can be converted to GMR coins with which you can avail discounts on paid feature.

We have 9 checkpoints to verify a referrer before on-boarding on our platform. We also collect feedback from the previous candidate who got in touch with the referrer, based on which each referrer has a referrer rating out of 10.