Software / Sr Software /Staff Engineer

2 - 12 years

Job Description

Embedded / Kernel Development

About Company

Trellix is a privately held cybersecurity company founded in 2022. It has been involved in the detection and prevention of major cybersecurity attacks. It provides hardware, software, and services to investigate cybersecurity attacks, protect against malicious software, and analyze IT security risks. In March 2021, Symphony Technology Group (STG) announced its acquisition of McAfee Enterprise in an all-cash transaction for US$4.0 billion. STG completed the acquisition of McAfee’s Enterprise business in July 2021 with plans for re-branding. In June 2021, FireEye sold its name and products business to STG for $1.2bn. STG combined FireEye with its acquisition of McAfee's enterprise business to launch Trellix, an extended detection, and response (XDR) company. Meanwhile, McAfee Enterprise's security service edge (SSE) business would operate as a separate company to be known as Skyhigh Security.

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