One-Shot Campaign

The job search is one of the difficult processes to go through. Asking for referral or guidance by pinging the right person will take both effort and time. If there is a method to automate this process and let the ideal person know that you are interested in a particular position in their company in an efficient manner, it reduces your hassle.


The One-Shot!

The intelligent campaign for reaching out to the ideal audience to whom you can ask for help (guidance or referral). Reach out to ideal employees in one shot!

Problems you can avoid:

· Don’t know whom to reach out

We end up most of the time pinging the irrelevant person, to whom we ask for guidance or referral. We really never know whether they are working in that organization or not. LinkedIn doesn’t verify employees at that level. Getmereferred verifies an employee before onboarding on our platform. 

· Don’t know when to reach out 

We don’t know when an employee is online and when he would see your message. Pinging at the right time and at the right audience helps you to connect with the ideal referrer, who can guide or refer you. Getmereferred algorithm sends mail based on the activeness of the referrer based on the track history of email open timings. 

· Follow-ups with contacted individuals

Imagine, reaching out to 25 employees manually and to whom you need to follow up again to know whether they have referred you or are willing to guide you. Tedious work isn’t it?

Getmereferred automates the follow-up process by a particular frequency which is based on your request.


How does One-Shot does it rightly?

  1. Business experts map the ideal referrer based on your campaign requirement, referrer rating, and ideal profile.

    Getmereferred takes feedback from the candidates who have connected with the employee. Collective feedback out of all fromates is calculated in the range of 1 to 10. Where 10 is the highest. We pick employees who are ideal for your profile, based on your inputs and previous candidates’ feedback to maximize your chances of getting a referral or guidance.

  2.   ️Getmereferred algorithm sends mail based on the activeness of the referrer, not in bulk!

    The campaign is designed to run slowly, where each employee would receive mail based on their activeness. The mail would be delivered to employees on their open timings based on previous track history, which will maximize the chances of employees seeing your profile.

  3.  Captures the referrer’s attention with a personalized message.

    During the year, we have run more than 650+ successful campaigns, we have figured out which template works for which position, and with that, we personalize your mail.

  4.  Intelligent follow-ups based on the referrer’s activeness are made on a particular frequency.

    With the campaigns we have worked with, we have identified the right time to send a follow-up message to referrers. The follow-up has increased referral opportunities for candidates.

How to book your one-shot campaign?

  •      Choose One-Shot Tab


  •   Select your preferred company, we take this as a priority.

  • Select the persona: We take this persona as a priority to whom we will send your message.

  • Select the number of employees you want to reach and select the frequency at which mail has to be sent.

If you choose 2 Frequency: The first mail would be your request mail and the second mail would be your follow-up mail. The follow-up mail would be sent to you for your approval.

If you choose 3 Frequency: The first mail would be your request mail and the second mail would be your follow-up mail and the third mail would also be your follow-up.

  • Enter your messageThe message would be personalized and it would be shared with you for your confirmation. The campaign kick-off once you approve.


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